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Pictured here is the Workshop where the Riding Rockers are designed, manufactured, assembled & hand-painted in Patriot, Indiana.

The name Goose Creek comes from a small tributary of the Ohio River that runs through a portion of the 150 acres that make up the home of Goose Creek Enterprises.



This is Fred setting up the table router prior to cutting the mortice and tenon joints in the rocker cross pieces.

One Riding Rocker takes a combined time of 45 hours to make - from concept to hand-painted finish.



The beginning stages of joining the roughed in laminated saddle on Penelope with dowel pins and glue.



Pat, the artist, is shown putting the final touches on "Butch".

Pat conceptualizes all of the designs and color options for the Riding Rockers. She is a true artist in every aspect of the word and thoroughly enjoys making every Rider special.