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FRED STAVE (Founder)

Fred's background is rooted in design and perfection. For many years, he worked as a research and products development engineer and design manager at RCA Corporation. In 1985, Fred co-founded a small medical device company and created a tool utilized in cataract eye surgery. For the remainder of his engineering career, Fred directed a global group of applied research engineers at Whirlpool Corporation.

As post retirement rolled around, Fred began thinking about the possibility of building a keepsake for his 3 (now 4) grandchildren. After attending a large woodworking show in 2000, the idea was born... make each of the grandchildren a rocking horse that would be of heirloom quality and as such, it would remain in the family to be passed on from generation to generation.

Fred and his wife Sondra are the parents of two boys and two girls and one grandson and three granddaughters. They live on 150 hilly wooded acres on Goose Creek Bay which connects to the Ohio River with their three Cocker Spaniels.

With most of his time spent in the workshop designing and building these beautiful, one-of-a-kind Riding Rockers, Fred delights in being a true perfectionist and making sure that every detail is exactly how it should be.


Pat brings artistic design to Goose Creek Enterprises. Fred and Pat initially collaborated on the animal design for the "pig" and this collaboration was so successful it has now flourished to all the animals you will see in this site.

She initially realized her talent and interest in art in high school art class. Her first work was an oil painting of one of her mother's Hummel figurines. Pat has expanded her artistic interest over the years exploring many artistic mediums. Her home is filled with examples of her talents.

Pat and her husband Ted have two boys and they are the grandparents of two more boys. Pat was in the military for 3 years as a Biomedical Equipment Technician where she met her husband, she worked for 5 years as a mortgage loan processor, and worked for 10 years as an assistant manager for a large financial company. Currently, Pat is the director of her own boarding kennel, is involved in animal rescue, enjoys photography, gardening & home improvement projects.